Day Six in Hong Kong: Suiting Up to Go Home

We knew the day would come, but even so, it was hard to go home. For our final act, Andrew wanted to have a few pictures taken in his suit on Duddell Street, which had become one of our favorite spots. We were running tight on time, so it was a quick photo shoot, and Andrew stayed in his suit figuring he’d change at the airport. As it turned out, he wore it the entire way home. He said it was so comfortable he felt better wearing it than a t-shirt and jeans!


screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-2-20-53-pmMaking Duddell Street look good.

But, as I talked about during my very mini rant, reentry was far from easy. The generous greenery, the organized chaos within the crowds, the orderly traffic, and the duck fat fries all left a mark we couldn’t forget. The bottom line is, eventually we always have to go home. And deal with life that is waiting. I’m dealing, little by little, and it’s feeling better, even from a few weeks ago. The good news is, now that we’ve gone to Hong Kong, we know that it’ll be there waiting for us.


Unintentionally putting class back into airline travel.

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